Common mistakes that cause weight gain despite maintaining diet and exercise

Common mistakes that cause weight gain despite maintaining diet and exercise

We all know that regular exercise and healthy eating are the two most important components of losing weight. But unfortunately, sometimes, both a healthy diet and regular exercise can lead to your weight gain if you are not careful enough.

If you do it all and still feel like you are gaining weight instead of losing it, there are reasons why this is happening.. Here are the most common of these:

1. Eat more calories than your body needs

Eating a healthy diet means not only eating healthy vegetables and foods but also watching how many calories you are consuming. It's best to keep an app to check how many calories you've eaten throughout the day.

2. Unhealthy snacks

There are many candy bars and snacks available in the market that are healthy and aid weight loss. Unfortunately, most of them contain calories, saturated fat, and sugar.

Even when you diet and exercise regularly, eating unhealthy snacks can get in the way of your weight loss goals.


Often your body confuses thirst and hunger, so you end up eating more calories than your body needs, thus protecting the body from dehydration contributes to weight loss. Proper hydration keeps the metabolism going, thus helping in burning the extra kilos

4. Only gym time

Many of you think that if you've only spent an hour in the gym, you don't need to be active for the rest of the day. But did you know that normal activity, other than exercise, is the simplest way to burn up to 200 calories per day.

5. Only lift weights

Lifting weights helps you build muscle, you need other exercises that help burn calories in excess of the body's need. Increasing muscle mass increases your body's metabolism by up to 5 percent, so you should mix more than one type of exercise.


6. Obsession with balance

Some people are very obsessed with the weight scale, which does not accurately reflect the reality of the body, our weight can fluctuate up to 2.5 kg per day. Sometimes you build muscle while trying to lose

 weight, which can result in your weight remaining stable or even increasing. It's important to focus on how you feel and your energy levels and not on the scale every time. 


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