Common Dieting Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Common Dieting Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Some wrong practices during the adoption of different diets and even during exercise make women look older. It is true that sometimes there is no escape from “acquiring” some additional years due to

 weight loss due to the fact that the fat on the face is reduced, but its effect is somewhat limited. On the other hand, wrong approaches often fall victim to women that make them appear older than they are.

Cheating in the diet is allowed on one condition

It takes a woman with super strong will to go on a diet for an extended period of time, so the vast majority of women cheat. In fact, it is not cheating as much as it is a response to the body's need

 for a specific type of food, due to the popular diets based on starving the soul. You can cheat from time to time as long as you don't indulge in sweets too much. The process of burning sugar in the

 body causes severe damage to collagen, whose task is to maintain the smoothness and youth of the skin. Instead of sweets, you can resort to a healthy alternative, which is a double benefit because it contributes to building collagen.

Venting anger and tension with exercise

Venting anger is healthy and very beneficial for humans, but venting anger and tension during exercise is a wrong approach. Dealing with sports in this aggressive manner will lead to the appearance of

 pimples and make the skin look tired. Sports should be built incrementally to improve blood circulation, which makes the skin healthy. Controlling and releasing stress in the right ways will naturally make the skin look more youthful.

Completely stop eating fats

Some diets often prevent the intake of any type of fat, depriving the body of the calories it needs. This deprivation causes the body to use up stored fat and slows down the cell renewal process. Maintaining a

 balanced diet gives the body everything it needs, thus avoiding dry skin, hair loss and broken nails. Getting plenty of vitamins A, C and E is another key to a more youthful appearance. Any deficiency in

 vitamin A leads to pimples, dry hair and skin, and broken nails. In contrast, vitamin C supports collagen tissues, which makes the healing process faster. As for the lack of vitamin E, it will lead to various skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

No breaks during exercises

You exercise the right way, but you don't take breaks at all. You feel tired all day and when you go to bed you can't sleep, which makes you vulnerable to injuries, to the appearance of dark circles and

 fatigue that makes the skin look bad. Rest periods during exercise in general and in daily life in particular are an urgent necessity.

 Indulging in the fast pace of life will make you fall into a maze of exhaustion in exchange for the inability to sleep..and this will naturally make you look older. 


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