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cold bath for weight loss

 cold bath for weight loss

Losing weight is a daily obsession for many women. How did I get thinner? The urgent question that haunts every woman, no matter her ideal weight. With trying different diets and exercising, searching on

 the Internet here and there, and consulting friends and trying to imitate them all may increase the complexity, but some solutions that

 may not come to mind make the goal we want to achieve easy, very simple steps such as heading to the bathroom and opening a faucet cold water!

Yes, the cold bath has many benefits, including improving blood circulation, which helps the body to get rid of health problems, especially those related to the skin and heart, increases the body's

 immunity. It helps to get rid of stress, anxiety and nervous stress, in addition to its ability to treat depression, and increase alertness and activity in your body.

Most important of all, cold water helps control weight loss in different ways, as our body usually consumes two types of fat, white and brown, the white is the one we do not need and which increases

 when we get additional calories, and the body often struggles to get rid of them. This fat is stored in the waist, hips and neck lines, and it is the most fat that women try to get rid of. Brown fats are healthy

 fats that generate heat to keep the body warm. And when you feel cold, the effectiveness of these fats increases, so a cold bath helps you control the activity of these fats, which means that you burn fat while taking a shower.

Also, your body generating energy to warm itself during this shower increases your metabolism and thus tends to burn white fat as well. Doctors say that if you just take a cold shower on a daily basis for a year, you will lose about 5 kg, so how about following a diet?


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