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Cinnamon and banana diet to lose weight

 Cinnamon and banana diet to lose weight

Cinnamon and banana diet for weight loss. Many people rely on cinnamon and banana diet recipes to lose weight because of their

 great benefits in improving digestion, enhancing metabolism, and feeling full; And they contain a proportion of soluble fiber that fills the stomach.

But before knowing how to lose weight with the cinnamon and banana diet, it is important to know the most prominent benefits that cinnamon and bananas give for slimming and weight loss.

Benefits of cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar level by making the digestion of carbohydrates slower in the human digestive system, by interacting with several enzymes responsible for digestion. 

Digesting carbohydrates slowly helps prevent blood sugar from rising too high, thus aiding weight loss. 

Cinnamon is also believed to boost metabolism, because the body uses more energy to process the spice compared to other foods.

Banana benefits for weight loss

Bananas are one of the perfect and delicious fruits that contribute to weight loss. 

The health benefits of bananas are famous for the body, because they contain essential vitamins and minerals for the body, especially potassium, and they also contain fiber.

 Bananas have a high ability to prevent the absorption of certain types of carbohydrates, which contribute significantly to weight gain. Bananas also improve metabolism, stimulate metabolism and burn fat and calories.

Bananas prevent constipation and get rid of waste, digest food faster, curb appetite and feel full and reduce the desire to eat.

Cinnamon and banana diet recipes to lose weight

Banana, cinnamon and ginger juice

Banana, ginger and cinnamon juice can be prepared and eaten in the morning on the breakfast table. It helps to feel full for long periods, and it also helps the body to get rid of excess body fat, especially the

 abdomen and waist area, and it is prepared by whisking a fresh banana with a glass of milk, adding half a tablespoon of cinnamon, and grated ginger to it.

Banana juice, cinnamon and honey

This drink helps to enhance the body's feeling of satiety and helps burn fat because it contains fat burning ingredients. 

It is prepared by putting half a cup of cold green tea drink, half a cup of skim milk, one spoon of honey, one spoon of cinnamon, one banana and 4 ice cubes in the blender.

 Then start whisking for a minute until smooth. Pour the drink into serving glasses to drink half an hour before starting the main meals.


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