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Causes of stress and anxiety during pregnancy

 Causes of stress and anxiety during pregnancy

Anxiety increases for many pregnant women with the progression of pregnancy and approaching the date of birth, but there is no need to worry, madam, this is normal and possible and will end once the

 pregnancy months are completed, and there are many reasons behind the feeling of anxiety and tension, and this is what you will shed light on in the following lines Follow us.

Causes of stress and anxiety during pregnancy:

Inability to perform household tasks

The pregnant woman feels that the period of pregnancy may reduce her ability to perform the tasks, works and duties required of her, as the effort and energy expended are less than the previous dress.

Worrying about how to deal with a new baby

Usually a pregnant woman feels anxious as a result of not having had this experience before, and perhaps the reason behind this is how to deal with the child’s illness or crying and others, so there is no need

 to worry, my pregnant lady, all these feelings will end as soon as your child comes, so always occupy your mind and time with preparations and equipment For the arrival of your new baby.

Husband accepts his wife

You may feel ashamed as a result of your weight gain during pregnancy, and you are afraid of the idea that your husband will not

 accept you during this period, but there is no need for all this anxiety, as this is normal and out of your control, so always be confident, dear pregnant woman, of yourself, as your confidence is reflected on others.


The feeling of not being able to control her body shape compared to the period before pregnancy, during pregnancy she finds that her

 weight increases and her shape seems to change without her will, and this is due to the change in the proportions of hormones in the body during pregnancy.

Fear and concern for the health of the fetus and the birth process

This fear is especially prevalent among women who have not experienced pregnancy and childbirth before, or who have had difficult previous experiences such as difficult labor or child loss and others.

Ways to get rid of stress and anxiety when pregnant:

Expressing your feelings to those around you and asking them for advice, these feelings are normal.

Exercising is one of the things that relieves stress and anxiety during pregnancy and improves mood, so consult your doctor about the right type of exercise for you.

Practicing breathing exercises is one of the things that helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Do not sit alone and accompany optimistic people, as this will reflect positively on you.

 Talk to your doctor about his expectations for childbirth, as this will give you a sense of reassurance to a large extent.

Make sure to eat healthy foods rich in many vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

Getting plenty of rest, sleep, and relaxation are among the things that reduce anxiety.


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