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Causes of sagging breasts!

 Causes of sagging breasts!

A tight breast is one of the signs of a woman’s femininity, but the majority of women suffer from sagging in this area of ​​the body, although some of them did not breastfeed, and the reason behind this

 is some wrong practices that they do without knowing their direct impact on the breast muscles.

1- swing weight

When weight is gained and then lost frequently, especially in cases of fast diets, the shape of the skin and muscle strength are affected, so the skin is exposed to cracks and the muscles weaken significantly, which affects the breast and causes sagging.

2- Choosing an inappropriate bra.

Numerous studies have proven that an ill-fitting bra causes breast muscles to sag, and not wearing it for long periods of time also increases sagging, contrary to what is commonly believed that wearing a bra causes sagging.

3- Moisturizing

Not drinking enough pure water leads to dry skin and makes you look older.

4- Not protecting the breast from the sun’s rays:

It is common to use sunscreen on the face and neglect the rest of the areas of the body that need protection from ultraviolet rays that

 damage the skin. Wrinkles appear early on several areas of the body, including the breasts, especially if you are a beach-goer.

5- Smoking.

A study that lasted for years confirmed that smoking is one of the reasons for the skin to lose its freshness and youth, because it destroys the elastin substance that gives the skin its youthful appearance.

There are some exercises that can be done at home that help tighten the breast muscles, as well as natural masks that give the breast skin freshness and get rid of dryness.


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