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Causes of psychological eating disorders and how to get rid of this habit

 Causes of psychological eating disorders and how to get rid of this habit

Causes of psychological eating disorders and how to get rid of this habit, when we are in a bad mood, we may resort to emotional

 eating, such as eating the favorite food to overcome the feeling of deficiency and emptiness and improve the mood.

In order to understand the most important symptoms and causes of emotional eating, we met with Nutritionist Sabah Al-Ashkar at Clinica Sabah, to know the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger.

Psychological causes of eating disorders

Emotional eating is eating food for reasons that are not related to hunger, but to other reasons related to our psychological and

 emotional state, and emotional eating is not linked to negative feelings only, such as anxiety, stress and loss, and trying to get rid of them.

Many people tend to reward themselves for achieving an achievement and meeting up with loved ones to have fun, and often free time is a cause of emotional eating, affecting our diet and getting in the way of our fitness. 

Continuing with this pattern of eating may also lead to serious eating disorders such as: bulimia nervosa and anorexia.

The difference between real hunger and emotional hunger

It is possible to distinguish between real hunger and emotional hunger through a set of points. 

In the case of real hunger, we feel full as soon as the stomach is full, while in emotional hunger we eat more than we need, and we can then feel a sense of guilt.

Emotional hunger comes on suddenly and makes us feel a strong desire to eat, while real hunger comes on gradually and can be controlled.

The person who feels emotional hunger eats foods that make him feel comfortable, such as (chocolate, fast food). The person who feels real hunger can eat any type of food.

Solutions to overcome emotional eating

says Dr. Morning, when I feel a change in my eating habits and I decide to know the reason, things become easier, for example I can

 stick small paper in the eating places, on the refrigerator and near the dining table, and in the places where I put the snacks or snacks, and every time I eat I record my moods, timing and quantity.

A week later and by continuing to blog, I will necessarily get the direct reason behind eating loads of food.

We can also change our mood by exercising, listening to music or calling a friend, and most importantly, avoiding the smell of food and not meeting loved ones in restaurants outside of meal times.

Women are more likely to fall victim to emotional eating than men

According to Dr. Morning, we all know that women are more emotional than men, and therefore they are more affected by all psychological and emotional disorders, as well as hormonal changes

 can change their mood and push them to eat sweets and delicious foods, I see that women are victims of emotional eating until they decide the opposite, which is easy.

How to get rid of this habit

Stay away from stress and balance in rewarding yourself.

Adopt the principle of jotting or making notes about the food you eat.

Keep your favorite food away from you and resist food temptations.

Follow a balanced diet without deprivation and other habits that distract you from food.

Do not neglect breakfast and snacks.

Enhance your social relationships and try to practice team sports.


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