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Causes of back pain for pregnant women in the first months

 Causes of back pain for pregnant women in the first months

 The pregnant woman feels back pain in the first months of pregnancy, and this may be due to many reasons and factors such as hormonal changes and others, which increase her feeling of tension and anxiety, so in this article we will present to you the causes of back pain for pregnant women in the first months.

Causes of back pain for pregnant women in the first months:

•    Pressure nervous

Nervous pressure causes back pain, and whether you are pregnant or not, you must avoid this pressure so that you do not feel any pain.

•    overweight

Weight gain in a pregnant woman increases pressure on the spine, which strains muscles as a result of pressure on blood vessels and nerves in the back and pelvis area.

• Increasing the proportion of hormones

With the advent of pregnancy, your body works to produce hormones that help the joints and ligaments in the pelvis, but they move in all parts of the body, affecting all joints, especially during the first months of pregnancy. An example of this is the hormone progesterone, which affects your ligaments and joints.


Tips to relieve back pain when pregnant:

1. Avoid gaining weight.

2. Avoid carrying heavy objects.

3. I took some rest and sleep.

4. Sit squatting.

5. Avoid wearing high shoes.

6. Avoid standing for long periods of time.

7. Not sleeping on the stomach.

Treatment of back pain when pregnant in the first months:

• Putting cold and warm compresses

Madam, and after consulting your doctor, you can use cold compresses and place them on the affected area for 15 minutes for 3 times per day, and then about 3 days later apply warm compresses. .

• Sitting in an appropriate position

Sitting in the right way and applying the appropriate position for you reduces back pain, and during sleep make sure to sleep on your side with a pillow to support your back while raising your feet a little on a footrest, this work helps you to sit straight.

• Exercising

Exercising enhances muscle flexibility and relieves pressure on your spine, and you can exercise such as swimming, walking or cycling, as this sport is safe for you during pregnancy.


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