Causes of back pain during pregnancy.. and ways to treat it

Causes of back pain during pregnancy.. and ways to treat it

The size of the fetus increases in the last months of pregnancy; It causes the abdominal muscles to stretch, thus exhausting the back muscles and putting pressure on the mother's womb; It causes lower

 back pain; Therefore, you must take into account not to gain unhealthy weight and other habits that increase lower back pain, and we will talk about the causes of back pain during pregnancy... Dear pregnant woman, you should avoid them in order to avoid the occurrence of pain.

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Lack of exercise

There are many exercises for the period of pregnancy, which the mother must attend, and not exercising causes the bones and ligaments to relax, and thus lower back pain occurs.


Doing many strenuous household chores, such as lifting heavy weights and other strenuous efforts, and not taking a break, causes lower back pain.

Wrong sitting and sleeping

Women sitting wrong, such as bending the back while sitting and not sitting with the back straight, causes many back pain.

Ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy:

proper posture

The body needs rest and a proper posture while sitting or sleeping as a result of the increase in the size of the fetus. The principles of proper posture for the body are as follows:

Stand straight and do not bend the back.

Lift the chest up and not restrict the knee.

Keep the shoulders back relaxed.

Choose a seat that provides support for your back.

Put a small pillow in the back at the lower back.

wear the right shoes

It is necessary to take into account the selection of the appropriate shoes during pregnancy, such as low-heeled shoes, and to stay away from high-heeled shoes; Because it causes lower back pain and imbalance of the body.

pregnancy belt

You can wear a pregnancy support belt; It relieves lower back pain.

squatting position

Make sure, my pregnant lady, when lifting light things, that you are in a squatting position, then get up with the support of your legs, with the need not to bend at the waist or put pressure on the back.

Sleeping on one side

You can lie on one side while sleeping, and not sleep on the back.

pregnancy pillows

You can use pregnancy pillows, whether by placing them on the lower back, or between your knees while sleeping, and from the lower abdomen.

Pregnancy exercises

Be sure to do exercises that relieve back pain regularly, after consulting your doctor. 

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