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Cardio exercises to lose weight easily

Cardio exercises to lose weight easily

 Cardio has great and quick effectiveness in losing weight and burning fat. Cardio sports relies on ten simple exercises that can be repeated several times a day, and for a better result, repeat each exercise separately for one minute and rest for a few seconds between each exercise and another.

First exercise:

First stand straight, then take several small steps to the side, then stand at a certain point and bend the right knee and raise it at the level of your stomach. Lower again and repeat the same movement and the same steps to the opposite side.


The second exercise:

Concentrate on your toes, then make quick scissor movements with your feet.


Third exercise:

Take the maximum squat position, lower your body towards the floor and bend your knees and bring your butt back and touch the ground with one hand, then jump and turn 180 degrees to the right and maintain the squat position, then jump and turn again to the left and repeat the movement in succession.

Fourth exercise:

First stand straight, then jump to the right and extend your right arm forward and the second arm bend it back as if you are doing a boxing movement. Jump back to the other side and switch arms.

Fifth exercise:

First stand straight, grab the right knee and lift it towards you and bring it together with both hands and bring it towards your chest, and repeat the movement for the second knee. 

Sixth exercise:

In the first movement, take a lunge position, push your right foot forward and bend it, leaving the second foot extended behind. Now jump and extend the feet together and lift them in the air and base after the jump on the lunges position and switch the position of the feet from the previous lunges movement.

Seventh exercise:

Jump with all your might across your toes, keeping your legs together, and move your arms around as if you were holding the rope in your hands.

Eighth exercise:

First stand straight and leave a distance between your feet, extend your hands to your side from the side of the shoulder facing it, then move each shoulder separately in a circular motion.

The ninth exercise:

First take the plank position. Bring your feet together and jump and bend them to one side and bring them to the side of your left elbow, then return to the basic position and bring them to the right, and repeat the movement in succession.

Tenth exercise:

In the first movement, stand straight and put your right foot in front of your left, then begin to raise your foot in the back of the left and extend it high forward and touch with your right hand the tips of your toes, return the foot to the back again and return to the movement consecutively and quickly. 


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