Burn fat... with exercise

 Burn fat... with exercise

Exercising regularly leads to burning fat and is one of the most important ways to get fit. Since many women find it difficult to go to the gym due to lack of time, Baha Nagy, a nutrition consultant, gives them some tips for exercising at home:

Plank exercise (flexing on the elbows):

This exercise strengthens the shoulders and the heart muscle.

Method: Lie on the floor with your face down, then carry your entire body on your knees and forearms, then rest on the elbow instead of the forearms, and on the toes instead of the knees, keep your back in a straight position, hold for a few seconds.

You can repeat this exercise for a minute

 Do yoga exercises, as it strengthens the muscles and joints and helps to get rid of some diseases such as neck and back pain, as a result of the stress you are exposed to during your work.


Jumping exercise: Use the trampoline to jump several times, and what distinguishes this exercise is that all parts of the body move and vibrate while jumping.


Forward gliding:

 This exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs.

Method: Stand straight and put your arms on your waist, take a step with your left leg forward at a right angle, bending the right leg, and hold this position for 30 seconds, then return again to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

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