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Burn belly fat in 3 weeks, radish and honey mixture

 Burn belly fat in 3 weeks, radish and honey mixture

In order to burn belly fat in a healthy way, it is necessary first to stop eating harmful fats and sugars. It is also very important to focus on eating fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber. Also, be sure to

 exercise regularly. The process of burning belly fat can also be accelerated by eating some natural mixtures that are prepared at home, including the easy and effective recipe for radish and honey.

Radish and honey to burn fat

It is possible to burn belly fat by applying a healthy natural radish and honey recipe. Thus, it is possible to reduce the possibility of suffering from various diseases that can result from

 obesity, including diabetes, colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is noteworthy that harmful fats accumulate in different areas of the body, especially the abdomen, for several

 reasons, including eating fatty and processed foods and sugars, in addition to not exercising and suffering from stress. Therefore, it is necessary to take this mixture.


125g of radish

3 lemons

4 tablespoons of natural honey

Two tablespoons of cinnamon powder

small piece of ginger


1 Put the radish and ginger in a blender and mix well.

2 Add the lemon pieces with the peel without the seeds. Mix the ingredients again.

3 Add the cinnamon with honey and mix until you get a mixture without any lumps.

In order to benefit from this recipe in burning belly fat, you should eat a tablespoon of it twice a day, in the morning before breakfast

 and in the evening before dinner. This system must be followed for a period of no less than 3 weeks. After this, it is necessary to rest for 3 days before applying the diet again if this is necessary.

Benefits of the fat blasting recipe

A recent Japanese study indicated that ginger has many properties that help in losing weight. The researchers found that this component

 enhances the activity of the intestinal environment and stimulates the absorption of fats. They also indicated that it contributes to the activation of the metabolism process.

As for the radish, especially the black one, it contains antioxidant and diuretic components. This means that eating it prevents the effect of harmful free radicals and limits water retention in the body. It also provides a feeling of satiety and reduces the desire to eat in the period between main meals.

But you should pay attention and not to overdo it with cinnamon, because this can cause intestinal infections. It is also better not to eat ginger in the event of preparing to undergo surgery because it causes

 blood flow, and in cases of pregnancy, lactation and suffering from blood diseases. It is important, before applying the recipe for burning belly fat with radish and honey, to consult a specialist. Always pay

 attention to the importance of eating healthy and balanced food, free of harmful fats and sugar, while making sure to exercise regularly. Thus, a flat belly and a healthy weight can be maintained for a long time.


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