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Breathing exercises for pregnant women during pregnancy

 Breathing exercises for pregnant women during pregnancy

Breathing exercises are considered beneficial exercises for the health of your pregnancy. With pregnancy, the body’s hormones change, which makes you feel anxious, stressful and depressed. With

 pregnancy, your breathing rates change. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the diaphragm separating the heart and lungs rises at a rate of centimeters, in addition to the rise in progesterone levels,

 which accelerates the Heartbeat, so the pregnant woman feels heavy breathing, so we brought you this article about breathing exercises for pregnant women, so follow this article with us.

 Breathing exercises for pregnant women:

. Breathing from the stomach

You can do this exercise by sitting in a comfortable place with the legs bent and trying to breathe deeply by taking the inhale through the nose and taking it out of the mouth.

3. Chest breathing


These exercises are done in the same way as breathing from the stomach, and this method works to make the muscles of the pregnant woman relax, which makes her feel comfortable.

. breathing yoga

Breathing yoga helps the pregnant woman inhale oxygen, which helps the pregnant woman to improve breathing and feel comfortable. You can do this exercise by breathing through the nose

 with the mouth closed most of the time. When you breathe in, a strong sound will occur in your nose. When you exhale from the throat, make a sound from it.

Benefits of breathing exercises for pregnant women:

  Reduce the feeling of vomiting and morning sickness.

Provides you with the oxygen necessary for your health and the health of your fetus.

It relieves you of depression and anxiety and gives you a peaceful sleep.

Minimizes labor pains as much as possible

Works on resting muscles and joints from pain.

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