Breast reduction and beautification..... the latest methods

Breast reduction and beautification..... the latest methods

The breast is one of the most prominent features of the body; Recently, women have increased their breast augmentation through plastic surgery to obtain a striking look. While some women with

 large breasts suffer from chronic pain in the neck, shoulder and back, difficulty finding appropriately sized clothes, embarrassment in wearing tight clothes, and aversion to its prominent shape.

There are many treatments for "breast reduction", but the Ultrasound Liposuction technique is the ideal solution to reshape the external shape and provide it with a harmonious and beautiful shape.

This technique is considered a somewhat new process in plastic surgery, in which a vibrating ultrasound device is used to melt the fat before suctioning it, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness

 of the suction and the treated area becomes more harmonious and its shape more streamlined, which adds a feminine beauty to the woman’s body compared to The traditional method of suction.

Among the advantages of ultrasound technology is the smallness of the medical wound, and the absence of the need for general

 anesthesia. The operation takes about one to three hours as a maximum and allows the patient to leave the hospital on the same day of the operation.

There are several ways to preserve the beauty of the chest and reduce its sagging without resorting to plastic surgery, which are:

1- Follow a diet to get rid of body fat.

2- Persistently performing physical exercises by carrying weights and moving them right and left and up and down until the breast muscle moves and to get rid of the fat accumulated on this muscle.

3- Breathe deeply and raise your shoulders high. Repeat this exercise 10 times during the day.

Try to do these exercises 3 times a day for 10 minutes and before bed to get the desired result. Exercising in general and specifically that tightens the chest area, keeps the body tight. 


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