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body stretching exercises

 body stretching exercises

Are you asking yourself about the importance of exercise and exercise in general? Exercising means a healthy body that is free from obesity, diabetes, pressure, rheumatism and other diseases.\

 Exercising also works to tighten the body and get rid of flabbiness. Especially in the areas of the abdomen and buttocks, and we will show you, madam, a set of body-tightening exercises, and we promise you a better result than you expect, provided you continue and persevere in practicing them.

Body toning exercises

First exercise

Arm and back exercise

Sit comfortably, keeping the back straight, holding any weight, even a kilo, in each hand.

Lift the arms forward, palms facing inward.

Keep lifting the weight until the weight is above the head, bending the elbows.

Wait like this for 10 seconds.

Lower the arms, and repeat this exercise 10 times daily.

second exercise

Abdominal and buttock tightening exercise

Squat, keeping your hands crossed in front of your chest.

Lower toward the floor while standing in a squatting position.

In this figure, take 10 steps sideways to the left and right.

Repeat the exercise twice daily.

The third exercise

body stretching exercise

Lie on the back, knees bent, hands behind the ears.

Keep your lower back flat on the floor.

Lift the shoulders slightly off the floor and slowly lower them down.

Repeat the exercise 20 times daily.

Note: Avoid pressing the neck toward the chest while lifting the shoulders.

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