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Blast belly fat and lose weight by drinking coffee with lemon

Blast belly fat and lose weight by drinking coffee with lemon

Blowing up belly fat is one of the most important challenges facing people who want to lose weight, sculpt the body, and get back in shape. For this, a long-term diet must be followed, healthy rules

 applied, and a balanced diet must be maintained. But it is also useful to rely on some temporary natural home recipes that are easy to

 prepare and that contribute to burning body fat, especially those that accumulate in the middle. So, in order to blow up belly fat and lose weight, we recommend that you try the lemon coffee recipe.

Benefits of lemon coffee recipe

The lemon coffee mixture helps to blow up belly fat. However, it also contains a large number of other benefits.


It is an important source of effective antioxidants, especially phenolic compounds that protect the body from the effects of harmful free radicals.

It is known that it contains an important percentage of caffeine, which is the substance that gives the body the energy it needs in order to perform its various tasks.

Coffee is an important source of magnesium and vitamin B3, which enhances energy production through fats and sugars stored by the body.

Drinking coffee contributes to enhancing the metabolism and thus helping to lose weight and dissolve body fat.


It provides the body with 74% of the vitamin C it needs daily, which is necessary for the production of noradrenaline. The last component is a neurotransmitter that limits the accumulation of fat in the body and thus helps in weight loss.

Eating lemon or its juice can curb high blood sugar levels and adjust the glycemic index.

Lemon pulp contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants that reduce the oxidation of harmful cholesterol and protect against suffering from many diseases and from facing some problems related to cardiovascular health.

How to prepare the recipe

This recipe is very easy to make and that is why this can be made a part of your daily routine. In parallel, it is necessary to adopt a healthy diet with regular exercise and drink an adequate amount of water during the day.


enough coffee

20 centiliters of lemon juice


1 The coffee is prepared in the well-known way and left after this until it becomes lukewarm.

2 Add lemon juice to it and mix well to get a homogeneous mixture.

3 In order to benefit from this mixture, it is important to eat a cup of it 30 minutes before the time of exercise because it provides energy. It is necessary to do physical activities for a period ranging between 30 and 40 minutes 4 times a week.

But you must pay close attention when applying this recipe that helps to blow up belly fat. They contain lemon juice, and it is best to avoid eating it in case of suffering from kidney disorders or other

 bile disorders, heartburn, stomach ulcers, or citrus allergy. Also, care must be taken not to brush the teeth immediately after drinking coffee with lemon in order not to endanger the enamel. It is necessary in this case to wait for 20 minutes to prevent any damage. 


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