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Between exercise and eating habits 9 tips to lose weight

 Between exercise and eating habits 9 tips to lose weight

We are constantly in search of the best diet and the best methods for losing weight, oblivious to the healthy way to lose weight and maintain the shape we want. We resort to many diets, but without

 any kind of exercise, no matter how simple. This is very common in our Arab world, as few women in our societies follow diets accompanied by some exercises, whether they are in a gym or at home.

According to nutrition experts, it is very important not to follow a diet that is not accompanied by some exercises, and they advise you on the following:


Chest lift exercises: Do not underestimate these exercises, as they help tighten the chest and strengthen the shoulders and arms, and they are able to fully exercise the upper body. You don't have to bother making the bar high, you can make it low.

- Traction machine: Try to allocate 10 minutes of your time every day on the rowing machine before embarking on any other exercises or activities. The exercises of this machine help the blood to flow throughout the body and are more preferred than the treadmill and the home bike.

Exercises for the blood circulation: Do a number of simple exercises such as jumping rope, or exercises that activate the heart such as the turntable, you must always realize that your heart is a muscle that also needs to be in a healthy state and take care of it.

the lunch:

Reducing refined carbohydrates: As much as possible, avoid eating bread, cake, chocolate, white rice, whole grains, honey, and any food containing corn or sugar, to help your body burn fat.

- Have five meals a day: that means two snacks in addition to the main three, so that there is a continuous flow of energy with a higher degree of blood sugar stability, which reduces the feeling of extreme hunger and affects the mood.

Increase the levels of protein in your food: Experts always advise to find a balance between complex carbohydrates, protein and fats in each meal in order to protect the body from an increase in insulin.

Reducing fluids: Reducing fluids that cause obesity, such as unnatural and sugar-filled juices, in addition to soft drinks and sweetened coffee. Replace it with natural fluids, and the best is always water.

Diet soft drinks: Madam, do not think that these drinks help you lose weight in a healthy way, as they contain sweeteners in various forms, which may lead to an increase in insulin and thus increase your exposure to diabetes.


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