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Best quick exercises for every area of ​​the body

 Best quick exercises for every area of ​​the body

The best quick exercises for every area of ​​the body for every woman who does not have enough time to take care of her fitness or stick to specific sports schedules. 

In this report, get acquainted with the most important exercises that can achieve the desired results for you with just one movement to

 tighten and strengthen your thighs, stomach muscles, buttocks, and arms as well as by collecting several muscles and making them work as one unit.

What is striking about these exercises is that they can be practiced anytime and anywhere, even at home. What do you think about trying it right away?

Quick exercises for every area of ​​the body

Thigh sculpting exercise

Get into a basic squat position, clasping your hands together, bring your butt back and bend your knees and lower slightly. 

Jump as high in the air as you can and extend your feet as shown in the picture. You can also try bringing your heels together when doing the high jump.

stomach sculpting exercise

First start with the basic plank movement, bearing the weight of your entire body on the heels of your feet and resting on the palms of your hands. 

In the next movement, raise and bend the right foot to the side and bring it towards your right elbow, and the left foot bring it towards the left elbow as in the picture. Repeat the process for each foot separately.

Butt tightening exercise

First start with a regular squat, lower towards the floor and bring your butt back, bending your feet slightly. Concentrate on your right foot and the ends of your left foot, as the picture shows.

 In the next movement, jump up with your feet and return your left foot and hands back into the air as in the picture. Go back to the first movement and repeat the exercise.

Lower stomach muscle sculpting exercise

Lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head. Lift your feet off the ground and bend your knees outward and point your toes up, then raise the upper part of your body and bring your elbows close to

 touch your right and left knee on each side as shown in the first part of the picture. In the next movement, return the upper part of your body and lie back on the floor while keeping the hands behind the

 head, and extend your feet straight and raise them in the air as shown in the second part of the picture. Return to the first position and repeat the exercise several times during the day.

Arm sculpting exercise

Put your hands behind you on the edge of the sofa or any chair or on the floor and lower towards the floor. Start by raising your body high until the back reaches the height of the sofa, with your hands behind

 you extended straight, then go down again and gradually towards the ground until you come close to the ground with the elbows bent.

An exercise to sculpt all the muscles of your body

Hold light or heavy weights in your hands and lower forward and extend your arms straight toward the floor. Keep your head and back straight and your knees slightly bent during the lowering process.

After you finish repeating the exercise for several cycles, quickly do a stretch to relax your muscles. Sit fold your legs under you.

 Take a deep breath and raise your arms above your head and try to stretch your torso as high as possible. Slowly bend over as you exhale and extend your arms forward until your forehead touches the floor.


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