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Best exercises for patients with multiple sclerosis

 Best exercises for patients with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and affects the brain and spinal cord, causing damage to the membrane surrounding nerve cells called myelin.

 This leads to hardening of the cells and thus slowing down or stopping the flow of nerve impulses between the brain and the organs of the body.

Although the disease makes the patient less able to move as a result of the bad symptoms and signs that you may suffer from due to this disease; Such as muscle weakness, fatigue, poor body balance, and

 physical convulsions, and with all this, doctors and experts still advise patients with multiple sclerosis to exercise physical activities

 as a form of treatment for them, especially mild and moderate cases of the disease, so most scientific studies have confirmed the existence of benefits Positive for exercise in patients with MS.

Benefits of exercise for patients with multiple sclerosis

According to the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi website, sports help reduce the severity of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, improve motor abilities, muscle movement, and increase their

 flexibility, provided that the patient takes some precautions if he wants to succeed in his exercise program, and the most important thing he has to do is to remember not to overdo these exercises.

 . If the patient exercises excessively, it stresses his muscular system, which is already suffering from the disorder, which increases pain and exacerbates stress, fatigue, and physical and mental exhaustion.

Before starting any exercise program, the patient should consult a doctor, who may recommend the following:​

The types of exercise that are appropriate for the patient and those that should be avoided.​

The intensity of the exercise means the effort that must be made

The duration of the exercise and taking into account the body's ability to exercise

Referring the patient to other specialists, such as a physiotherapist, who can help develop a special exercise program that suits the

 patient’s special needs and includes activities that suit his condition based on the symptoms he feels and his level of physical fitness and health.

Exercise tips for patients with multiple sclerosis

Always warm up before exercise and cool down at the end of the exercise.​

Start exercising with 10-minute sessions and then gradually increase the duration to reach the set goal, for example 30 minutes.​

Make sure to exercise in a safe environment and avoid slippery floors, poor lighting, rugs on the ground and other potential tripping hazards.​

Do exercises close to a grip handle if the patient has difficulty balancing.​

Stop exercising if you feel pain or harm.​

Best exercises for patients with multiple sclerosis

Aerobic exercise

These exercises aim to increase your heart rate, and among the most famous examples are walking, swimming, and jogging, but you should not go overboard so much that you feel tired and exhausted.

Muscle stretching exercises

Some experts advise you to do 10 minutes of stretching exercises every day; These exercises are among the best techniques that you can follow to maintain the range of motion of your muscles and

 reduce the severity of the spasm and stiffness in your muscles, and among the best muscle-stretching exercises are yoga and tai chi.

Strength and resistance exercises

These exercises contribute to strengthening the muscles of your body, and you can use machines, free weights or rubber bands to

 practice these exercises, and there will be no harm in practicing these exercises twice a week if you wish to do so.


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