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Benefits of walking during pregnancy

Benefits of walking during pregnancy

Exercising, especially walking, is very important for a pregnant woman because of its role in relieving psychological disorders represented by anxiety and tension. Walking stimulates blood

 circulation in addition to its role in preventing swelling of the feet and others. Here are the benefits of walking during pregnancy.

Benefits of walking for pregnant women:

• Walking strengthens the heart muscles.

• Walking burns a lot of calories, which reduces the weight of the pregnant woman.

• It reduces the occurrence of constipation.

• Helps relieve back pain and reduce the risk of blood clots.

• Reduces chronic diseases such as diabetes or stress.

• Protects pregnant women from diseases and mental disorders.

• Walking facilitates and speeds up the birth process.

• Walking during pregnancy maintains the fetus's weight at its normal rate.

The correct way to walk during pregnancy:

. Avoid walking slouched by stretching the muscles while walking.

. Bend your arm at a right angle.

. It is preferable to walk three times a week for about half an hour.

. If you notice any signs of tiredness and fatigue, you should stop.

. Raise your head while walking with your eyes focused on the horizon, with your shoulders pushed back and your arms relaxed. 


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