Benefits of Nescafe for slimming

Benefits of Nescafe for slimming

Nescafe, instant coffee or instant coffee, contains many nutrients that benefit the body, including slimming!

This information may be strange to some, or it may be considered a figment of the myths that are common on many social networking sites, but it is not so.

Benefits of Nescafe for slimming

• Nescafe contains caffeine, which has proven in many studies the effectiveness of this substance in burning fat and large amounts of calories accumulated in the body.

The effect of this substance is doubled because Nescafe also contains an acid known as chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for the taste of coffee, and it is a thermally unstable compound, meaning that it

 decomposes quickly when exposed to heat, turning into quinic acid and caffeine Caffeic Acid. Chlorogenic acid is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants. It stimulates the liver to produce more

 bile and helps it process fatty acids, which prevents the absorption of fats and reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood. It also doubles the metabolism.

• Nescafe is a diuretic. It also contributes to getting rid of edema, which are fluids that accumulate in the tissues due to a defect in the lymphatic system, impeding the metabolism process and helping to increase body weight. Nescafe helps the body get rid of waste and excess fluid, through the caffeine and other active substances it contains.

• Nescafe also enhances physical activity, so athletes take it before exercise, and it helps relieve muscle pain and fatigue during and after exercise.

• Nescafe is low in calories, as a cup of it contains less than two calories, so it is preferable to drink it without adding sugar or cream, or a small amount of them.

How is Nescafe to lose weight?

• No more than one or two cups of Nescafe should be consumed daily.

• Eating Nescafe should be accompanied by exercise in order to burn a greater amount of fat and calories. It is recommended to take a cup of it before or during exercises.

• Avoid sweetening Nescafe with artificial sweeteners, such as white sugar. It is preferable to replace it with honey.

• Skimmed milk can be added to a cup of Nescafe.

• Dark chocolate without sugar or cocoa can be added to a cup of Nescafe.

• It is advised not to eat Nescafe or exercise a few hours before bed to avoid insomnia. 


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