Benefits of morning exercise to gain weight

 Benefits of morning exercise to gain weight

Doctors advise women with very low weight to gain weight, as excessive thinness can cause many health problems.

And for the success of this plan, many studies have proven the importance and benefits of morning exercise to gain weight for those who suffer from excessive thinness and want to gain weight in a healthy and natural way.

Benefits of morning exercise to gain weight

Belgian researchers found that morning exercise after eating breakfast can increase weight, through an experiment they conducted on two groups of healthy young people.

The first group had the time to exercise after breakfast with a certain diet, and the second group was the time to exercise before breakfast

 with the same diet as the first group, and the result was that the first

 group gained weight by an average of one and a half kilograms, and

 the second group did not gain Weight is final, and this indicates that the most appropriate time to exercise that aims to gain weight is after breakfast.

Thus, morning exercise works on:

Strengthening muscles all over the body

Concentrate the extra weight in the muscles of the body instead of increasing the fat in the body

 Gaining weight while maintaining a fit and elegant body

open appetite

Get rid of insomnia and lack of sleep

Increase vitality and activity during the day

Here are the most popular morning exercises at home that will help you gain weight in a healthy way and increase muscle mass

squat exercise

It is one of the most effective exercises for gaining muscle mass for the lower body because it works on a variety of muscle groups. You can do this exercise with weights.

Take a basic squat or squat position, bend your knees, lower slightly towards the floor and bring your buttocks back.

Push-up or push-up

Push-ups are a great exercise to gain muscle mass for the entire upper body.

Take the push-up position, lift your body off the ground and rest on your toes and the palms of your hands.

 Maintaining your position and straightening your back and body, do the push-up down to the ground as much as you can and bend your hands, then return to the first position.


This exercise will help you gain weight and muscles around the quadriceps area, back and feet area.

Push your right foot and bend it forward, keeping the second foot extended in the back so that the leg takes a right angle and takes the position of the lungs.

The bench press

Push-ups with weight on the chest and shoulders help increase muscle mass, and the use of weights contributes to transferring calories to muscles to benefit from them instead of fat cells.

Lie on the floor and bend your knees on the floor, carry the weights in your hands, extend them and raise them in the air, then lower them under the chest area or bend the elbows to the side at the level of your shoulders.

Overhead press

This exercise works to gain muscles for the arm and back, as well as build strong and attractive shoulder muscles.

Stand straight. Hold the weights in your hands and bend your elbows and raise them towards your chest under your chin. Then raise your hands and extend them fully in the air.

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