Banish face fat and get apple-shaped cheeks

Banish face fat and get apple-shaped cheeks

Women always focus on “body slimming” without paying attention to the face, so we find that many of them are not convinced of “dieting” because their face remains as it was before “slimming.”

It is well known that there is a strong relationship between the body and the face, so having a slim body free of fat without paying attention to facial exercises will result in an unsatisfactory result, in addition to that, giving her a life older than her age and showing her inappropriately.

Before you start doing face-slimming exercises to get an apple-shaped face, you must do sports with a healthy diet, in addition to drinking a lot of water and reducing salt, because it causes bloating or water retention under the skin.

Here are the exercises:

First exercise

Smile a lot, as the smile has a high ability to burn face fat, and tighten it to appear in a harmonious and graceful manner. Whether it is a smile with closed lips, or a wide smile that reveals teeth, it is one

 thing, just smile whenever you remember it, and you can resort to the phone or computer to remember through a background, an ounce, and a smile makes people approach you for your cheerful spirit and simplicity.

second exercise

Close your lips to each other, and smile as broadly as possible, as if you are trying to touch your ears with the end of your mouth while maintaining this position for 5 seconds, and this exercise is very important to burn fat in the cheeks, so repeat it 5 times a day.

The third exercise

Chew gum for an hour a day, as it has amazing benefits in exercising the jaw and face muscles, as well as defining the edge of the jaw. 

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