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Back pain: a natural remedy

 Back pain: a natural remedy

Back pain can become very severe and interfere with daily movement. Sometimes he forces us to take more painkillers, which provide mild and often temporary relief. Discover these two natural remedies for fast back pain relief.

Arnica in the form of gel or pills

Arnica is an excellent natural remedy for relieving muscle pain. This plant also has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to speed up the healing process. In the form of a gel, it can be applied topically to the

 painful areas of the back: 3 to 4 times a day (avoiding the application on wounds). Homeopathic pills of arnica can also be taken, when movement is difficult due to back pain. The name of the treatment is Arnica montana 9 CH and its dose is 3 times a day at the rate of two tablets under the tongue.

Hot pepper in cream or ointment form

Hot pepper is known for its ability to calm the lumbar vertebrae, and is used in various treatments for back pain. It can be applied to the painful areas in the form of a paste or liquid (paint, liquid ...) or in

 the form of an ointment (containing 0.025% to 0.075% of capsaicin). Some Asian stores offer pepper patches, which are also effective. It should be applied four times a day for two weeks to get rid of back pain. In the early days, this may be painful but the pain will go away.

Note: It is recommended to clean hands thoroughly after using the treatment to avoid irritation.


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