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Back pain after intimate relationship, its causes and treatment methods

 Back pain after intimate relationship, its causes and treatment methods

Some women face back pain after intercourse. This can be related to reasons that are not related to it, such as doing strenuous work during the day, and others related to this process, such as

 cramping, adopting the wrong posture, and so on. It is possible to avoid this problem and suffering from back pain after the marital relationship by taking some useful steps.

 Causes of back pain after intercourse

Back pain after a marital relationship can result from various reasons, such as an imbalance in the spine, tension, muscle spasms, and so on.

1 Muscle spasm due to contraction greatly during the relationship as a result of tension or feeling afraid of pain. This can affect the back muscles and lead to a feeling of pain and the desire to lie down and relax.

2 Problems in the spine. After the intimate operation, a woman may feel pain in the back area for a reason that is not related to her, which is suffering from some problems that are not clearly visible in the

 spine. Thus, the relationship constitutes a clear indication of the need to go to the specialist in order to find the appropriate and effective treatment. The latter may recommend exercising that helps

 put an end to this problem by restoring flexibility to the muscles of this area of ​​the body and strengthening them in the face of harmful factors.

3 Fatigue during the relationship. This means making a great effort to complete the process, losing a lot of energy and tightening the muscles, which leads to a feeling of severe pain at the end.

4 Adopting an incorrect posture, and this means moving in a way that exposes the spine and back to sprain and spasticity. In this case, the

 problem may worsen if not paid attention to, and lead to other dangerous problems, including sprained ligaments and muscles and herniated disc.

It is better to be careful to treat all these problems and get rid of these causes as soon as possible, because the feeling of back pain after intimate relationship is one of the most prominent factors leading to the apathy and decline of desire.


It is possible to get rid of the back pain that can appear after the marital relationship by paying attention to the causes first and working to mitigate its impact. Which can be accessed by doing some useful steps.

1 Get regular exercise. It is necessary in this case to focus on the movements that work to tighten the muscles of the back, especially those located at the bottom and strengthening its ligaments.

2 Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating foods free from harmful fats, sugars and substances that cause obesity. It is important to maintain a healthy weight in order to protect the health of the back, spine and muscles by reducing the weight of the body on them.

3 Adopting an appropriate and healthy position during the relationship in order to prevent harm to the spine and not to expose it to sprain and not to push its muscles into spasm.

4 Eating foods that provide the body with the energy it needs in order to establish this relationship, which negates the need to make strenuous effort and to consume muscles, especially in the back

 area, and to expose them to damage and damage. In this context, it is very important to eat moderate amounts of nuts and honey. Thus, it is possible to get rid of back pain after intercourse and some of the dangerous problems associated with it.


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