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Back pain .. 5 ways to avoid

 Back pain .. 5 ways to avoid

Back pain is a suffering that many people suffer from in this era, and the reason is the lack of movement resulting from the change in lifestyle and lifestyle. Everyone, both men and women, are more

 exposed to this type of pain due to pregnancy and the high-heeled shoes that they wear. These pains not only affect the health and body of the body, but also lead to a state of nervous tension and other health problems.

In the event that you feel any pain, immediately go to the doctor without hesitation, and we, in turn, will give you some tips to avoid back pain.

Choose your shoes well:

High heels create curves in your back to push your body weight forward, and narrow shoes from the front push your body weight

 back. Therefore, wearing high-heeled shoes and a narrow toe is the worst of all, and shoes with a wide mold are recommended to ensure comfort and safety for your feet.

Do some exercise:

Practicing regular muscle tightening exercises helps relieve back pain within a relatively short period compared to those who do not

 practice this sport. Do a walk for at least 45 minutes a day, as it stimulates blood circulation and relieves back pain. Yoga and swimming are also recommended.

Make your workplace comfortable.

You will definitely feel pain when you spend long hours at work and sit in unhealthy positions for your back and feet. Change your sitting position frequently and make your feet flat, as well as allocate time every 15 minutes to stand and take a break.

Take a hot bath:

If you feel some pain in your back, you should take a bath with warm water for at least 25 minutes, in order to raise the blood pressure on the nerves.

Choose your bed carefully:

The sleeping mattress is a major cause of back pain, so you should choose a slightly soft mattress instead of a hard mattress, and it is preferable to change it from time to time.


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