Back fat my experience

 Back fat my experience

When I notice fat on my back, I know I've gained more weight. This sign may be, from my teens until today, truer than Libra to me. In my teenage years, I was suffering from obesity, or in order not to darken

 myself too much, my body was full and inconsistent, as fat was accumulating in the abdomen and back areas, the chest area was full, while my thighs were somewhat thin and tight, with no sagging at all, My trick was to hide the asymmetry of my body, the clothes.

I often choose clothes that are a little looser, but not baggy, so as not to look fatter, but my problem, which for me was intractable at the

 time, was the fat in the back, which was visible on top of the clothes as folds in the skin, very annoying and causing me a lot of embarrassment, especially And it does not go away even if I lose some of my weight.

After making a strict decision to lose weight to a remarkable extent, it was necessary to consult a nutritionist, and my first observations were, that I would like to get rid of my back fat before any other fat in my body, and her first advice is to follow a balanced diet and exercise.

My diet to get rid of back fat

The diet that I followed to get rid of back fat was based on eating foods that contain a lot of lean protein in order to promote muscle growth, so my back muscles became stronger and fat percentage became less.

The system of this diet was based on calories, and according to experts, it is the best type of diet to get rid of the accumulated fat in all parts of the body, including back fat. This is of course to a mandatory step, which is to drink plenty of water.

On the other hand, in my diet to get rid of back fat, I refrained from eating fatty foods, canned or ready-made meals, and replaced them with others rich in fiber and important nutrients, such as chicken

 breasts, legumes, whole wheat bread, oats, spinach, brown rice, apples and other foods that are characterized by low calories thermal.

As for the other system accompanying this diet, doing some exercises for dissolving back fat.

Exercises to get rid of back fat

Before addressing some exercises that work specifically to reduce the accumulation of fat in the back area, the nutritionist warned me about the wrong sitting position, which contributes greatly to the

 accumulation of fat and sagging skin, which is bending forward during sitting for long periods, this leads to weak muscles in the body. This area, and thus the accumulation of fat in it.

In terms of exercises, the nutritionist identified some of them to me that focus on strengthening the back muscles and stimulating the body in order to burn the accumulated fat in it, namely:

·      Walking

The first sports that help burn body fat, including back fat, is walking for a minimum of ½ hour per day.

Arm exercises

And that by pulling the arms forward and back, up and down.

Bending to the side

A simple and easy exercise that helps define and sculpt the sides of the body and get rid of the fat that appears in the area adjacent to the top of the pants on the sides.

Earth touch exercise

 Take a standing position straight, then bend forward and touch the ground with the palm of the hand, and then stand again.

This exercise is also useful for belly fat.

Knee bending exercise

Standing in a straight position and straightening the arms forward, then landing the body and bending the knees, making sure that the back is straight.

Back sleep exercise

The hands are placed under the head, then gradually raise the head as high as possible.

Then you get into a lying position again, and so on...

Simple and not cumbersome exercises, but they are very useful according to my experience with getting rid of back fat. In addition

 to all of the above, it is necessary to pay attention to the necessity of wearing the appropriate bra, as it is also one of the reasons that lead to sagging chest and back areas.


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