Back care is important to complete femininity

 Back care is important to complete femininity

 Most women ignore the care of the back area, thinking that it is one of the areas that do not need any care except to remove light hair, if any, and suffice with some moisturizers for the skin, but the back area needs special care to highlight and complement femininity.

Here are some tips for caring for the back area:

 It is important to constantly remove light hair or lint on the back so that the hair does not contribute to the formation of fungi due to the humidity in the back area due to the lack of ventilation in it.

Continuous use of moisturizers, especially in periods of hair growth, so that grains and hairs do not form under the skin. Moisturizing contributes to smooth hair growth.

Use an appropriate body scrub according to the nature of the skin in order to get rid of dead skin and open the pores of the back and allow it to sweat without leaving traces of spots on the skin.

Cleaning the back with every shower, using a natural fiber with soap or shower gel, and avoiding synthetic fibers that cause heat with rubbing.

In the event that any spots or pimples and pimples appear, it is important to treat them immediately to ensure that they do not aggravate and spread due to moisture and lack of good ventilation of the back area.

Wearing appropriate clothes at home that help ventilate the back, especially when doing housework and even exercising.

Stay away from clothes that cause irritation in the back area, even collars that cause itching in the neck area, as well as pants that cause redness in the middle or lower back area.

Remove items that contain brands and sizes from all clothing because they cause friction that results in pimples, blisters and color spots on the back skin.

Finally, keep your back straight by sitting, sleeping and walking correctly, and treating any slight bending or curvature through appropriate exercises after consulting with specialists.


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