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Avoid doing them.. Mistakes you make after exercising

Avoid doing them.. Mistakes you make after exercising

Many women rush to do several things after exercising. To imagine that they have completed the task successfully. But some mistakes

 that many people make after finishing exercise should be avoided. Know the most prominent of these mistakes that you must avoid after completing the exercises:

Not getting enough sleep:

Sleep is the guaranteed rest period for your body. This is the time when your muscles need to recover. Your body also needs it to start

 over, both mentally and physically. Therefore, it is recommended that you sleep for a period of at least 7 hours after the end of the exercises.

Drink coffee instead of water:

It's not a good idea to have coffee instead of a pot after you finish exercising. The most important thing in the moments after the completion of the exercise is the hydration of the body. And give him the amount of water he needs before anything.

Forget about stretching:

It helps cool the body. It relieves pain and relaxes the nervous system. In addition to enhancing movement and flexibility and preparing the body to be ready for the next exercise.

Not eating:

Not eating well after exercising will hinder your efforts to lose weight. This will reduce your energy level and affect your burn level.

Stay away from carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are just as important as proteins after you finish exercising. It helps in replenishing the glycogen stores in the muscles. To be able to repair itself again.

Failure to exercise:

Exercise must be done regularly.

. This is to ensure that you get the maximum benefit possible for yourself and your health. 


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