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Are there exercises that relieve heartburn?

 Are there exercises that relieve heartburn?

Heartburn is a common ailment that occurs as a result of stomach acid refluxing into the esophagus, causing pain and burning in the throat or lower chest. 

There are many ways to treat heartburn, but are there exercises that relieve heartburn? In fact, exercise plays a role in relieving heartburn due to its role in losing weight and getting rid of the problem of

 obesity, which is a factor in this problem, as losing weight is one of the most effective ways to reduce heartburn, and exercise helps improve digestion.

But before doing any exercise, it is necessary to consult a specialist, because you must pay attention to the nature of the sports activity, as

 some exercises exacerbate the problem of stomach acid reflux. Also, do not exercise until two hours after eating your meal, as pressure on a full stomach aggravates the problem of heartburn.

Exercises to relieve heartburn


Walking helps people with heartburn and may be very beneficial for them. This is because nature in general calms the psyche of the affected individual, and this in turn may relieve some of the pain caused by this type of health condition.

Breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises help reduce the effects of heartburn, as they work to strengthen the muscles surrounding the diaphragm as well as the esophageal muscle, which reduces the imposition of acid

 reflux, so breathing exercises can be practiced after eating by taking a deep breath from the nose and holding it for a little and then exhaling it from the mouth Gradually, and it can be repeated more than once after each meal.

meditation exercises

Stress can slow down your digestion and contribute to heartburn and bloating. To relieve stress, try meditation and relaxation exercises.

yoga exercises

Certain yoga poses increase blood flow to the digestive system and stimulate the intestines to contract, which can increase the efficiency of the digestive process and relieve heartburn. The enactment of the most important yoga poses to relieve heartburn, the Warrior, Triangle and Revolved Triangle.


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