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Amazing mixture and tips to tighten flabby chest

 Amazing mixture and tips to tighten flabby chest

Breast sagging is annoying for many, and it often happens at an early age as a result of various reasons such as multiple pregnancy, breastfeeding and losing or gaining weight. Breast lift surgery that

 often leaves permanent scars appearing around the areola of the breast, in addition to the possibility of staying with two nipples in two unequal positions, asymmetrical breasts and sometimes permanently losing the feeling of the nipple or breast.

The size of each breast varies from one woman to another, and the breast is a mammary gland made up of fatty tissue and supporting ligaments, and the gland is covered with skin, and made up of nerve

 endings, fat cells, blood and lymph vessels, etc. Thus, the breasts are naturally weak and for this reason their sagging may increase with the causative factors, accelerating the deterioration of the tissues.

 Al Jamila offers you many simple tips to restore the elasticity of the breasts, such as chest massage, targeted exercises, the use of vegetable and essential oils, masks that tighten the skin, and the factors that contribute to sagging breasts, in the following lines:

Get rid of sagging breasts with a magical mask

Vitamin E natural oil mask

An amazing and effective mask that you should wear at least once a week to get good results.

the components:

Natural Vitamin E Oil.

an egg.

A tablespoon of natural yogurt.

How to prepare and use:

Mix the three ingredients together, then apply the paste on your breasts and massage gently, leave for about 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water (to enhance the elasticity of the tissues).

Breast tightening tips

Maintain a stable weight and avoid the yo-yo diet.

Drink plenty of water.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Do regular physical activity.

Use regular breast masks with aloe vera gel or pomegranate oil.


Chest tightening exercises

If this exercise is practiced on a regular basis, it helps to reshape the breasts and reduces the excess fat around the chest.

Do push-ups to strengthen the chest muscles that are located under the breasts. Put your hands in front of your chest and pull them one against the other to tighten the muscles around the breasts.


Massage with essential oils

It is an effective way to combat sagging breasts, practice it regularly to prevent sagging breasts, and to maintain the roundness and

 tightness of the breasts, it is recommended to massage them at least two to three times a week using the following vegetable oils:

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Green Mint Oil, Cypress Oil, Carrot Oil, Lemon Oil,

Ice cube massage

Ice cubes are an excellent way to strengthen the skin. You can rub several ice cubes on the breasts in circular motions, thus stimulating the supporting tissues and ligaments to tighten them.

The factors that cause sagging breasts

The natural decline in estrogen with age.

Multiple pregnancies.

Fluctuations in weight, which cause the breast skin to stretch and lose its elasticity.

Wearing an inappropriate bra.

Lack of exercise, which leads to weak chest muscles, and thus sagging breasts.


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