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Alternative medicine and information that many do not know about its types

 Alternative medicine and information that many do not know about its types

Alternative medicine is a common term worldwide. It means the use of non-pharmacological treatment in order to find a solution to some health problems that are suffered from time to time. In this case, plants, relaxation methods, needles, some massage methods, and

 others can be used. But many people do not know the types of this medicine and the ways to use its various methods for the benefit of health. That is why we offer the most important thing to know about alternative medicine.

 The most important types of alternative medicine

There are many types of alternative medicine available, including herbal therapy, art, relaxation exercises, massage, energy, swimming, Ayurvedic, meditation and others.

  herbal remedy

This is one of the most common treatment methods in the world of this non-pharmacological medicine. In this case, some types of

 plants can be used that help get rid of some common health problems, such as mint, chamomile, parsley, linseed oil, dandelion and thyme.

- mint. This leafy plant, commonly used in preparing many dishes, helps treat intestinal problems such as diarrhea and stomach pain.

- Chamomile. It can be used to treat heartburn or acidity, as well as nausea and ulcers.

Parsley. It contains very important and useful nutrients such as iron, potassium and vitamin B6 and is considered a medicine for aches, including those that accompany the menstrual cycle. It also has

 properties that help reduce stress and negative impact on the health level. It can be used by people who suffer from urinary retention.

- Linseed oil. It is beneficial for those who face problems such as those related to blood vessels, nerves and the prostate.

- Dandelion. Treatment with it can help purify the liver of toxins and improve the work of the digestive system. It is also useful for lowering the blood sugar level.

- Thyme. It contains antibiotics, which means that it enhances the work of the immune system and protects against infection with various infections.


 art therapy

Some alternative medicine experts resort to treating some problems, especially those related to mental health, through some artistic activities. That is why drawing, playing a musical instrument, or literary writing is relied upon.

juice therapy

This type of treatment is considered the easiest at the level of application. In this case, some natural juices made of vegetables and fruits are used to treat diseases such as asthma, diabetes and jaundice, in addition to skin problems.


 Ayurvedic treatment

This means reliance on Indian methods in the face of health problems. That is why the Ayurvedic system is used along with some diets, breathing exercises, massage and meditation associated with

 Indian customs. This helps to maintain the body's positive energy and to withdraw the negative ones that lead to suffering from fatigue as well as from some diseases.

massage therapy

Many people prefer to resort to this type of alternative medicine. This method relies on the expertise of specialists who perform massage movements that promote blood circulation and facilitate the

 passage of blood through the tissues. This contributes to getting rid of a lot of aches, especially at the muscle level. And the massage in this case works to enhance its flexibility and suppleness, especially in the areas of the lower back, head and chest.

 swimming therapy

This type of exercise is one of the most beneficial types of exercise. They contribute to the development of muscles and increase their flexibility and strength. That is why it is useful to practice it at least twice a week.

nutritional therapy

It is possible to rely on different types of food in order to get rid of some of the problems that the body suffers from from time to time. Including chronic fatigue, low energy and sleep disturbances, in

 addition to some skin problems. That is why it is necessary to choose healthy foods that contain essential nutrients and are free of harmful substances such as fats and sugars.

Chinese medicine treatment

In this case, follow a set of rules aimed at maintaining the balance of the body's energy, which is called "ki". Experts of this type of treatment point out that this energy moves in the body and that a

 defect in it causes suffering from a number of diseases. To prevent this, these experts resort to methods of massage and pressure on

 some points of the body. They also rely on the 400-point acupuncture method in order to summarize problems related to the respiratory and digestive systems.

 meditation therapy

In addition to relaxation exercises, meditation can also help to get rid of conditions such as stress, psychological pressure, anxiety and depression, in addition to sleep disorders. The focus for this end is on

 the method of breathing slowly while trying to clear the mind of everything that could cause confusion. It is important to rely in this

 case on soft music. Thus, it is possible to benefit from the most prominent methods of alternative medicine adopted globally, which are considered the most effective and successful.


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