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Abdominoplasty and postpartum melasma treatment..without plastic surgery

 Abdominoplasty and postpartum melasma treatment..without plastic surgery

New mothers think that they will get rid of the flabby abdomen as soon as their children are born and leave the operating room directly, but they are surprised that the abdomen has not disappeared, and is

 still larger than usual, which may last up to several months after birth, and these sagging may increase after a long period for those who were Her stomach is large during pregnancy, which is the

 sagging that occurs in the abdomen due to its expansion during pregnancy as a result of the increase in the size of the fetus.

The flabby abdomen often causes inconvenience to the mother, due to the change in her appearance and the inconsistency of her body shape, and if the birth was normal, this abdomen disappears after two or three months, but if the birth was a cesarean section; You have to wait for 4 months.

There are many ways to tighten the abdomen after childbirth; In the case of a natural birth, the abdomen can be wrapped with a cotton shawl after the first week of birth, and the abdomen can be stretched

 in this way until forty. In the case of a cesarean delivery, it is necessary to wait 4 months before doing anything; So as not to damage the wound and difficult to heal.

Also, drinking a lot of water and eating fruits, helps to treat the sagging abdomen after childbirth, because it contains vitamins that quickly make the body regain its strength.

Exercising to tighten the abdomen also helps the mother restore her appearance, but these exercises must be under supervision, and they are not started until after the regular menstrual cycle; To avoid causing harm to the body and exposing it to muscle strain.

Melasma in the abdomen can be treated using creams designated for this, which help to return it to its previous appearance. It is

 recommended to apply olive oil to the abdomen; Because it works to moisturize it, and it is better not to expose it to the sun; In order not to increase costs.


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