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Abdominal exercises to tighten the muscles and remove the rumen in a short period

Abdominal exercises to tighten the muscles and remove the rumen in a short period

Abdominal exercises are necessary for people who want to remove the rumen, tighten the muscles, and sculpt the waist as well. It can be performed in different ways, such as push-ups, resistance, helicopter

 exercise, body revitalization exercise, and bicycle... It is very necessary to learn how to practice each of these abdominal exercises and others in order to get the best result in a period of no more than a few weeks.

How to do the 5 easy abdominal exercises

It is not difficult to do abdominal exercises with its different movements. It is enough for this to follow the necessary instructions for this attentively.

1 Push-up and resistance exercise

This exercise works to tighten the abdomen and the lower part of the body.


1 Lie on your back and bend your knees, keeping your feet on the ground.

2 Pull one knee in the direction of the navel and extend the other leg while raising it slightly upwards.

3 The palm of one hand is placed on the raised knee and the other on the lower leg and pressure is applied with it and the thigh is pulled upward and repeated for a period of no less than 10 minutes. This is one of the easiest abdominal exercises.

 2 Helicopter exercise

This exercise can be done very easily and that is why you must do 4 basic steps.

1 Lie on your back with your legs fully extended.

2 Extend the arms upward until they form a straight line with the body.

3 Inhale deeply, pulling the right leg up and the left hand down. And the same process is repeated quickly in the opposite direction, that is, by pulling the left leg up and the right hand down, just like the fan of a helicopter hoop.

3 Bicycle exercise

1 Lie on the back and raise the feet up so that the legs are parallel to the ground.

2 The hands are placed behind the head and the shoulders are raised off the ground with the back folded as possible.

3 Extend the right leg, pulling it toward the left shoulder.

4 The first position is restored and the exercise is repeated in both directions 12 times.

4 body revitalization exercise

1 The kneeling position is taken on the hands and knees, with the hands forming a straight line with the shoulders. In this exercise, the back must be kept straight.

2 The knees are slightly raised for 10 seconds from the ground and then returned to their original position for only two seconds. It is useful to repeat the process in 5 sets of one minute each.

 5 leg switch

The switching of the feet is one of the most prominent abdominal exercises that work on sculpting it, dissolving waist lumps and bloating the rumen. To implement it, you must do these steps.

1 First, lie on the back and raise the knees so that they form a line parallel to the ground.

2 After that, one hand is raised vertically and the other is back.

3 A ball is used to press it with the palms of the hands while tightening the back. This helps tighten the abdominal muscles as well.

4 Raise the right leg slowly and gradually until it becomes completely vertical.

5 Return the right foot to the ground in conjunction with raising the left leg in the same way.

6 In order to get the best result, i.e., on a flat, taut belly in the shortest possible period of time, it is recommended to apply this exercise 3 times a week with 10 repetitions. It is also possible to rely on many other abdominal exercises in order to sculpt the waist and get rid of the fullness of the rumen. 


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