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A yoga instructor turns household chores into exercises...

 A yoga instructor turns household chores into exercises...

.. a yoga instructor turns household chores into exercises .. “arranging the house with one leg” and now to the details:

For many women, household chores are boring tasks, but for Tamara Jones, a yoga teacher, it is an opportunity to train and practice yoga

 poses, whether when washing dishes or arranging the house and other daily household chores, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website.

Doing yoga while cleaning the house

Tamara publishes many videos of her while performing different yoga poses while cleaning the house, on her Instagram page, so that

 she is followed by 261,000 people so far, and recently a video clip spread of her while performing some home exercises to music tones.

"It adds a little sparkle to ordinary life," said Jones, 30, who lives in Manchester with her husband and two sons, ages 12 and 13. "So many things that we think make life easier that make it more difficult

 in the long run - Sitting in our big comfy chairs, driving all makes us feel awkward when we really need movement to stay I walk around the house with a steam mop, with a little extra stretch and movement to make it a workout as well as a household chore.”

And recent research supports the health benefits of movement, with a University of California study of 5,500 women finding that those

 who did at least four hours of household chores from cooking to gardening or grooming the dog had a nearly two-thirds lower risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke.


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