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A tight and round butt in a week

 A tight and round butt in a week

A tight, round butt has become a goal that a girl wishes to achieve, like a completely flat stomach, as it has become a sign of femininity and beauty.

And for guaranteed results, Al-Jamila searched for you for the correct ways to achieve a circular buttock lift, and found that experts

 confirm that following exercises that focus on the pelvic muscles and the butt alone does not bring results, and that eating more food in order to increase butt fat is also useless.

To achieve the goal of a tight rounded butt, there are two basic steps: exercise, and eating specific foods immediately after exercise.

Experts emphasized that excessive amounts of food in general only brought about weight gain and would not affect the shape of the buttock, while it would increase its sagging, because you need strong muscles and not fat.

The idea of ​​eating specific foods immediately after exercise comes; Because in this case, the muscle is prepared to rebuild, and then foods help to strengthen the muscle, unlike eating foods in general that increase body fat.

Types of foods that help to raise the butt

As we mentioned, there are foods that help strengthen muscles, provided that they are eaten immediately after exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, and these foods focus on

 protein, such as: a cup of milk, types of cheese rich in protein and not fat, tuna, meat, chicken, fish, and it is recommended to eat one serving after exercise directly.

A portion of protein can also be replaced with a portion of carbohydrates, but you should stay away from pasta, rice and white bread, meaning that white carbohydrates in general are not preferred

 to be eaten after exercise, but it is recommended to eat brown or healthy carbohydrates such as dark bread, oats, brown rice or whole grains.

You can also eat a serving of beneficial fats rich in omega-3, such as a handful of nuts.


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