A quick diet to lose weight before Ramadan

 A quick diet to lose weight before Ramadan

Many are currently looking for a quick diet to lose weight before Ramadan. This can be achieved by following a healthy and balanced diet in a short period of time, not exceeding one or two weeks. To

 this end, you should focus on eating proteins through the consumption of dairy products, fish, meat, chicken and eggs. It is also important not to exclude carbohydrates, taking care not to eat

 them in large quantities. Good fats should also be added to meals. Thus, at least 5 kilograms can be lost by applying this program. But it is useful in parallel to do some exercise.

Losing 5 kilos before Ramadan

It is possible to lose about 5 kilograms in two weeks before the holy month of Ramadan. To this end, care must be taken to eat healthy food with exercise. Experts in this case suggest this program.

 breakfast. A large seasonal fruit, a glass of water with a few drops of lemon juice, a glass of natural sugar-free yogurt, a small handful of raw nuts.

the lunch. A plate of salad rich in fiber and vitamins, a plate of hot or cold stew, two boiled eggs without salt, a cup of natural yogurt free of sweeteners.

dinner. A medium-sized piece of grilled fish without fat, a cup of healthy soup, a medium-sized piece of whole-grain biscuit, an apple.

In order to achieve success when applying a quick diet to lose weight before Ramadan, it is very important to be careful to exercise. In this case, you can start jogging for 15 minutes a day, and this period will be gradually increased. .

Losing 3 kilos before Ramadan

It is also possible, two weeks before the month of fasting, to follow a diet that helps to lose 3 kilograms. To this end, this program must be implemented.

breakfast. A cup of green tea without sugar, two medium-sized pieces of whole-grain bread, a boiled egg, a small piece of grilled turkey, a small piece of low-fat cheese, an orange or an apple.

the lunch. A plate of mixed salad with red kidney beans and capsicum, a medium piece of grilled salmon, a medium piece of whole grain bread, two kiwis, and a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

dinner. A plate of fat-free soup, a medium-sized piece of grilled chicken without fat, a medium-sized piece of grilled low-fat white cheese, a cup of herbal extract.

Thus, the application of a quick diet to lose weight helps to lose the extra kilos before the month of Ramadan. This also contributes to cleaning the body of toxins and harmful residues and reducing the feeling of discomfort during breakfast.

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