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A healthy diet to burn fat faster

 A healthy diet to burn fat faster

A healthy diet to burn fat in the fastest time, revealed by the German magazine "Freuden" in its latest issue, known as the "slow carbohydrate diet" to increase the body's ability to burn fat in a healthy manner and without counting calories.

In her healthy diet, the slow carb diet focused on using new concepts to properly handle carbohydrate-rich foods.

From this point of view, we will share with you, dear, the best healthy diet to burn fat in the fastest time, through the new concepts of the slow carbohydrate diet.

A healthy diet to burn fat quickly

Dr. Al-Wasif endorsed the slow carb diet to burn body fat without counting calories for healthy weight loss through the following new concepts

Avoid eating white carbohydrates during a healthy diet to burn fat as soon as possible, especially, "white bread, pasta made of flour, white rice, baked goods, fried foods", even whole grain products such as oats, you should stop eating them as much as possible.

Rely on eating legumes "chickpeas, beans" and fresh vegetables as an ideal source of carbohydrates in your healthy meals designated for you when you follow a healthy diet with your specialist doctor.

Focus on refining the slow carb diet meals in small quantities throughout the day, which is based on five main foods: “protein, low-starch vegetables, legumes, beneficial fats, and spices.”

Give up high-calorie drinks such as fruit juices and soda, while focus on drinking water, unsweetened coffee and tea, during a healthy diet to burn fat quickly and properly.

Avoid eating a variety of fruits as much as possible, although they are healthy foods rich in vitamins and fiber, but they are one of the nutrients prohibited in the slow carb diet.

 This is due to the high percentage of fructose in it, which prevents burning fat during your healthy weight loss regimen.

Take advantage of the benefits of tomatoes and avocados in particular, as they are two of the preferred types to eat during a slow carb diet to burn fat as quickly as possible.

Finally, consult your dear specialist doctor while developing a healthy diet suitable for the nature of your body and your health

 condition, in taking advantage of the slow carbohydrate diet that has proven effective in losing weight without health problems as much as possible.


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