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A healthy diet contains 1500 calories

 A healthy diet contains 1500 calories

A healthy diet containing 1500 calories, spread through the Internet and social networking sites, to stimulate desires to lose weight to follow a healthy diet without deprivation.

Although it was popular with many, it focuses on reducing the number of calories consumed per day, and at the same time allows eating a variety of foods in quantities commensurate with the number of calories.

However, following any healthy diet that contains 1500 calories in a random way, will not reap its benefits and will not achieve its goals of reaching the ideal weight, as some believe.

This is due to the fact that the calorie regime, no matter how healthy it is, is linked to basic rules, the first of which is choosing the person’s favorite healthy foods with the specialist doctor, so as not to

 cheat or get bored in the long term, as well as the need to adhere to the specified quantities, and not replace them with other unhealthy types, whatever they may be. Its calories are low.

In the same context, it is necessary to take into account the regularity in exercising and drinking more water, not high-calorie fluids.

From this point of view, inform my dear of the most important tips for following a healthy diet that contains 1500 calories in the right

 way, and in order to reach your desired goal and lose your weight in a healthy manner, through the nutrition consultant and alternative medicine doctor, Dr. Shukri Amr from Cairo.

A healthy diet contains 1500 calories

Dr. Shukri explained that knowing the calories needed for the body and embodying them in healthy, useful and effective foods, in order to achieve a balance between meeting the needs and burning the

 accumulated fat, is an imperative and essential for losing weight and improving general health at the same time and not the other way around.

Here, we must emphasize that any healthy diet depends on a direct relationship between choosing healthy foods and proper weight loss. In addition, the nature and health of the body determines the quality of foods and the appropriate number of calories.

Therefore, it will not be possible to determine a unified healthy diet containing 1500 calories for all age groups, but the following tips can be followed to benefit from them when following any healthy diet with the specialist doctor, as follows

Carry out the necessary analyzes to meet the body's needs of the healthy nutrients needed while following the calorie diet to lose weight.

Determine the body parameters and the areas of fat lump with the specialist doctor, to employ healthy foods that are low in calories and at the same time able to burn the accumulated fat naturally.

Dividing healthy, low-calorie meals throughout the day, and not relying on one or two meals, to stimulate the metabolism and encourage the body to move and burn fat at the same time.

Eating slowly is one of the secrets to the success of any healthy weight loss diet.

Employing healthy foods rich in proteins and fibers more than carbohydrates in any healthy diet to lose weight effectively and reach the ideal weight without going back to twice what it was.

Excessive consumption of fat-free and sugar-free burning drinks within any healthy diet that contains calories appropriate for the nature and health of the body.

Cook healthy, low-calorie foods in the oven, steamed, or eat them fresh in moderate quantities, as part of any healthy diet to improve overall health and lose weight at the same time.

Stay away from processed foods that are rich in harmful fats, no matter how few calories they are, to achieve the best results with any diet followed to slim the body in a healthy manner.

Take an adequate amount of healthy sleep, to boost the metabolism and burn body fat properly, within any healthy diet.

Commitment to the dates of main and light meals throughout the day, one of the secrets of the success of any healthy diet based on calories appropriate for each body separately.

Regular exercise as a way of life and not as a temporary stage to get rid of excess weight, can improve the health and psychological state and reach the ideal weight and a slim body without a competitor.


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