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A healthy and permanent diet by following these tips

 A healthy and permanent diet by following these tips

A healthy and permanent diet By following these tips, is it possible to follow a healthy diet that guarantees not only weight loss, but also that it will not return again?

The truth is that the permanent healthy diet is the only way to achieve this double goal, whether we like the topic or not, because following a diet to lose weight and then returning to our previous life

 and eating what we like from food will not help much in preserving what we have gained during this slimming journey.

With the advent of summer, it has become imperative for many to find the best ways to lose weight and enjoy a slim and slim body. So, we chose for you, dear, a healthy and permanent diet to lose weight

 and maintain it at a later stage, through tips reported by the “Seventh Day” website, quoting the British Heart Foundation website.

A healthy and permanent diet by following these tips

Here are 5 important and essential tips for success in a healthy and permanent diet in the process of slimming and losing weight, the details of which are as follows:

Ask yourself why are you overweight?

Several factors contribute to unacceptable weight gain, including the unhealthy lifestyle of eating ready and fast meals, which leads to increased consumption of fat, sugar and salt.

In addition to the lack of physical activity, which increases the risk of heart and circulatory diseases by up to 35%, in addition to being overweight, of course.

The first step to shedding excess weight is to focus on healthy, homemade foods and keep a week's food and drink diary in a notebook, or record what you eat using the diet tracking app on your smartphone.

Setting a goal to lose weight:

Losing weight can be a bit difficult, but defining how much you want to lose, breaking it down into small goals, and focusing on each step at a time, helps achieve that goal.

So if you are experiencing significant weight gain, aim to lose 10% of your body weight, and take the time, even if it is long, to reach your ideal weight.

Make the right changes to your lifestyle:

There is no shortage of diets or foods that help in weight loss, and the main principle of weight loss remains: that the calories we eat should be less than the energy we expend.

Also, any diet differs from one person to another, and what helps you lose weight is determining the regime that you can stick to in the

 long term. It may be appropriate for some to reduce fats or carbohydrates, while others find counting and reducing calories better for them to lose weight.

The combination of diet changes and increased activity has been shown to be more effective than changing what you eat, so think of

 ways to increase your activity either by walking, playing a sport or doing at least 150 minutes of exercise at home per week, and break them into 10 minutes If it seems like a lot at first.

Eat a balanced diet:

It is recommended to follow a balanced diet without the need to dispense with foods that contain higher calories, as some of them

 come with healthy nutrients such as oily fish, unsalted nuts and avocados. But you may want to reduce the serving of these foods or limit their portion sizes.

Never give up if progress is slow:

Reaching the ideal weight takes some time, so do not lose hope quickly, especially if your progress is a little slow, and persevere with

 the plan that you have set to succeed in the weight loss process. And know that maintaining any weight loss, even if it is small, is good for your health in the long run.


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