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9 ways to get rid of leg cramps

9 ways to get rid of leg cramps

Cramp in the feet is a painful and emergency event in the legs as a result of a sudden contraction of one or more muscles and the injured feels uncomfortable, and it always comes as a result of excessive movement or when exercising.

Muscle cramps occur as a result of a lack of some minerals, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the body, so we offer you a set of solutions and tips that help you solve the problem of cramping feet.

Drink water and juices

It is very important that you drink water, and that your body's water needs are sufficient, while drinking fresh juices and liquids free of sugar.


You can walk slowly until the muscles in your feet begin to relax and you don't feel the pain of cramps.

Eating milk and its derivatives

You can eat milk with all its derivatives to provide the body with the required calcium; To get rid of muscle spasms.

stand up

Standing for a few seconds while raising your healthy foot helps relieve foot cramps.

Change or take off shoes

Help your legs relax by taking off your shoes and socks, to treat the problem of cramps.


Massage the affected muscle in your feet by moving your palms up and down; Until your feet rest.

Avoid standing for long periods of time and rest.

If you are working, you should take time to rest between work periods and avoid standing for long periods; To relieve stress on the muscles.

Eat spinach and broccoli

Spinach contains potassium and magnesium; To avoid muscle spasms.

hot water

Put the affected muscle in warm water; To help relax it and get rid of the problem of spasms in it. 


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