9 steps to control fat burning

 9 steps to control fat burning

The balance in the amount of calories that a person burns throughout the day is one of the most important factors in controlling body

 weight, and the method of burning fat is also important, and it must proceed in a thoughtful manner. Follow it, to help ourselves burn fat better:

1- Do not starve yourself, and eat different amounts of calories each day throughout the meals. If today you eat a large amount of food for breakfast, a medium amount for lunch and a light amount for dinner,

 then the next day you eat a medium amount for breakfast, a large amount for lunch and a light amount for dinner, and so on..

2- You should drink at least 12 glasses of water daily; Because this stimulates the body to absorb food, and thus lose weight, and do not look at the old saying that water is stored in the body.

3- Try to increase the amount of exercise you do. Because the body does not start burning fat until 30 minutes after the start of the exercise, and exercises such as swimming, cycling or Swedish

 stretching exercises should be chosen, because they consume high energy, and there is no need for tiring aerobic exercises or to buy fat-burning devices.

4- It is necessary to change the type of sports activity, which is practiced at least once every 6 weeks.

5- Make yourself very careful to eat breakfast.

6- Avoid smoking; It reduces the body's ability to burn fat.

7- Follow nutritional programs that help purify the liver; Because this helps him to perform his functions optimally.

8- Be careful when consuming salt; Because it accumulates fluid in the legs in case of sitting for a long time.

9- Eating vegetables is very important; Because it is rich in fiber that reduces sugar, and thus helps you lose weight as quickly as possible.


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