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9 benefits of gym exercises that change men's lives for the better..activity, health and happiness

 9 benefits of gym exercises that change men's lives for the better..activity, health and happiness

Exercising in the gym plays an important role in strengthening muscles and restoring physical activity in men, other than that it contributes to the process of revitalizing the mind and improving

 mood, in addition to many health and psychological benefits, which we review in the following report.

Benefits of gym exercises for men

Weight control

In general, exercise helps control weight, as when participating in physical activity, the body burns a large number of calories.

Disease Control

Exercising in the gym contributes to combating disease states, as it reduces unhealthy triglycerides, which helps blood flow smoothly, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

resistance to depression

It may not occur to many men that exercise in general plays an important role in combating various types of depression, as it helps to unload pent-up energies.

Mood improvement

Exercising in the gym helps improve mood, because physical activity stimulates multiple chemicals in the brain, making a person happier, more comfortable and less anxious.

Exercise increases energy

Various gym exercises improve muscle strength and enhance endurance.

sleep improvement

Going to the gym and exercising, helps improve the ability to sleep better, and makes sleep sound deep.

Increase sexual desire

Exercising in the gym increases sexual desire in men, especially since regular physical activity effectively raises energy levels and increases self-confidence.

Fun and social activity

Exercise and physical activity in general, is a social activity that contributes to entertainment, in addition to achieving relaxation and enjoying time outside the home, and the spirit of joy and pleasure can

 be brought to the soul, by participating in various group activities, as physical activity helps in communicating with family or friends In fun social gatherings.

Fight boredom

The gym and exercise help men fight boredom, by integrating in exercise, which helps to take advantage of time, especially after finishing work.

The human body needs to do at least 150 minutes or 75 minutes of physical activity per week. Examples of candidate sports other than going to the gym are running, walking or swimming, and playing football.


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