8 morning exercises to keep you active all day long

 8 morning exercises to keep you active all day long

8 morning exercises that give you activity throughout the day and contribute even a little to help you avoid obesity

 significantly, especially since many of us feel lethargic and lazy when waking up in the early morning, and this makes doing activities and daily work somewhat difficult.

These morning exercises are quick and keep you in good physical and mental condition throughout the day. You don't need to do strenuous and long exercises, but all you need is some simple and

 quick effective exercises that you can even practice in bed after you wake up in the morning and before you get busy with daily chores to increase energy and activity, and at the same time tighten your body.

How about you get up in the morning and start your day with the following exercises. We advise you if you can repeat the program that consists of 8 morning exercises twice, and motivate yourself to persevere?

8 morning exercises that keep you active all day long

first exercise

Lay on your hands and toes, raise your buttocks up and lower your head between your hands and make the letter V your body. Pull your head inward and then outward a little while extending the muscles of the feet.

second exercise

Sit on the floor and bend the knees back. Take a deep breath and slowly bend and exhale toward the floor until your forehead touches the ground. Extend your arms forward or clasps them under your head. Maintain this position for two minutes.

The third exercise

Lie on the floor and extend your body completely on the floor with your hands close to your body.

 Bring your feet together and raise them high and bring them towards your stomach, then lower them towards the floor and repeat the movement again.

Fourth exercise

Lie on your stomach and raise your head and the upper part back. Put your hands on the floor and take a deep, slow breath.

Fifth exercise

Lie on your stomach, face down, with your arms in front of you. Lift your chest a little up, as well as the legs, as the picture shows.

Sixth exercise

Lie on the bed on the right or left side, bend the upper knee and hold it between your hands and bring it towards your back, keeping the second foot extended straight on the bed. You can rest on your hand to raise yourself a little.

Seventh exercise

Sit on the floor or bed and bend the left knee with the heels straight. Bend the right knee and place the right foot on the left foot. Close your eyes and breathe normally.

Eighth exercise

Lie on the bed and bring the knees towards you and bring them together with both hands and bring them towards your chest. Breathe deeply and hold this position for some time.


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