7 tips to avoid weight gain in Ramadan

 7 tips to avoid weight gain in Ramadan

Fasting during the blessed month of Ramadan is a duty that Muslims all over the world adhere to, and this fasting can be an opportunity for us to adhere to a healthy diet, and stay away from harmful

 habits, while engaging in light sports activities. 7 tips to avoid weight gain during the holy month of Ramadan:

Eating appropriate amounts of calories: Stick to the daily calorie intake and prevent it from being exceeded to prevent weight gain.

Tips to fight hunger and food cravings: Try to do a different set of activities to take your mind off your food cravings, by focusing on other things. Try to adapt to the new diet in Ramadan gradually to reduce food cravings.

Control by reducing the feeling of thirst: The best way to eliminate hunger or thirst is to break the fast with dates and about two large glasses of water and eat slowly.

Regular exercise: We should do light sports activities between 15-40 minutes a day, such as walking, doing some housework, etc. It is

 preferable to do exercises that require high effort after Tarawih prayers, because of the possibility of consuming the amount of water that is lost through sweating.

Avoid Fatty Meals (Feasts) at Iftar: The most enemy of weight gain in Ramadan are fatty meals and meals. To maintain your weight and health, stop eating this type of meal to help you endure the long fasting period, so try to eat foods cooked in a healthy way. And stay away from fried foods.

Eating protein in Suhoor: Suhoor is the most important meal that you must have in the month of Ramadan because it is important in providing the body with the energy it needs during the day. Beans

 and these dishes distinguish the suhoor table and are rich in complex carbohydrates and contain a high percentage of proteins that are slowly digested by the stomach and give you a feeling of satiety.

Reduce the intake of sweets: Sweets are among the most famous customs and traditions that spread in the month of Ramadan, including pies and baked goods. These sweets contain a high percentage of sugars that help to gain weight and it is necessary to reduce their intake.

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