7 health facts to watch out for

 7 health facts to watch out for

Simple facts about health that some women do not pay attention to despite their vital importance to the safety of your body and your agility. A team of public health experts present these facts to you, provided by Dr. Khaled Youssef, a consultant in Clinical Nutrition and Obesity.

Many women think that the first step to keep the abdomen from flabbiness is sitting exercises, and the best thing to preserve the abdominal area is 30 minutes of well-known running exercises three days a week, because these exercises burn stored fat in a way that meets the required purpose.

Reduce your craving for sweets and make sure to buy multi-colored vegetables and fruits, because they contain antioxidants needed to fight diseases.

I bought fruits in their season. Strawberries in winter are frozen and a lot of time has passed in shipments. Summer is the season of fresh strawberries.

In any diet, the food you eat per day must not be less than 1200 calories, because violating this reduces the speed of chemical reactions related to building living cells, which should make it difficult to burn food.

Every woman should pay attention to her menstrual cycle because the menstrual cycle is a thermometer through which you can measure your general health level, so if your period is late and you notice the

 presence of small spots, or the blood is more or less than normal, this is an indication that alerts you to the possibility of health problems such as Thyroid disorders, diabetes, or non-malignant fibroids in the wall of the uterus and bladder.

Three-quarters of those who buy over-the-counter drugstores ignore leaflets. Which sometimes exacerbate the side effects, because they do not read the medical literature.

- Use sunglasses to protect the eyes from diseases such as cataracts, cataracts, and poor vision that appears with age.


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