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7 exercises to slim the buttocks, buttocks and thighs in a week

 7 exercises to slim the buttocks, buttocks and thighs in a week

Aerobic exercise contributes greatly to slimming the buttocks, thighs, and getting rid of sagging and fat in these areas, which is something that every woman aspires to increase the beauty and femininity of her body.

But sometimes you may not be able to go out of the house to exercise, so we wanted to share with you in our report today 7 exercises that you can do at home that target slimming the

 buttocks, buttocks and thighs and tighten these areas, and achieve great results for you to get a butt and Tight and sculpted buttocks and thighs.

Keep doing these exercises at home that will not take much of your time, and you will notice the difference in a week.

7 exercises to slim the buttocks, buttocks and thighs in a week

first exercise

First stand up straight, bring your right or left foot back and put it on any step, such as stairs or any other box or small table.

Bend the front foot so that it rests on the floor and press up and down toward the floor as you are doing the lunges.

Return to the first position and repeat the exercise 15 times, alternating between the feet.

second exercise

Stand facing any box or drawer. Jump and put your feet on the box. Then get down again on the floor and come back and repeat the movement 12 times.

The third exercise

Lower a little towards the ground and take the position of the lungs. Bend your front foot and return your second foot and fold it deeper to make the shape as in the picture.

Press down towards the floor and then switch to low squats while maintaining a low body position.

Repeat the exercise 15 times, then switch between the feet for 15 more times.

Fourth exercise

First stand up straight, extend your hands straight forward, lower and take a basic squat position.

Bend your feet a little and bring your butt back. Press up and down while maintaining the body position for 60 seconds.

Fifth exercise

First start by lunging a step back so that the back leg is tight and resting on the toes with the front knee bent so that the leg takes a right angle.

In the second step, stand up and raise the back foot and extend it in front of your body completely in the air as if you are doing a kicking movement, as the picture shows you.

Sixth exercise

First start with a normal squat motion, lower toward the floor and lower your buttocks back, slightly bending your feet.

Concentrate on your right foot and the ends of your left foot, as the picture shows. In the next movement, jump up with your feet and return your left foot and hands back into the air as in the picture.

Go back to the first movement and repeat the exercise if you can 3 cycles of 10 to 12 times per foot.

Seventh exercise

Lie on your back on the floor, with your buttocks joined and your feet bent 90 degrees on the floor. 

Lift your buttocks and press them tightly, and raise the right or left foot in the air and fully extend it as in the picture.

Hold this position for some time, then lower it and switch between the feet.


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