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7 effective exercises to burn breast fat

 7 effective exercises to burn breast fat

Effective exercises to burn breast fat that we offer to every girl or woman who wishes to have an attractive breast that is not large and tight, free of sagging and fat, without leaving the house and in record time.

Large breast size and fat and improving breast shape can only be achieved by following this group of effective exercises that burn unwanted fat and sagging that negatively affect the appearance of the chest.

Stick to these effective exercises and do them daily and get the result you aspire to, do not miss the opportunity and learn about it below!

7 effective exercises to burn breast fat

first exercise

Lie on your back on the bench or on any dedicated machine in the gym.

 Bend your feet together on the floor and hold the weights in your hands and lift them into the air, then bend your elbows so that your elbows are 90 degrees at the level of your shoulders, as the picture shows.

second exercise

Lie on the floor and bend the feet together 90 degrees on the floor. Hold the weights between your hands and bend your elbows and

 bring them back behind your head as the picture shows you, then lift them with all your strength straight in the air and repeat the movement.

The third exercise

Put your hand behind on any table or chair or put your hands behind you on the floor to facilitate movements, bend your knees as in the picture or extend them straight and raise your buttocks off the floor.

 Begin by raising your body until the butt reaches the height of the table while maintaining the position of your feet and hands, then press down towards the ground and repeat the exercise up and down.

Fourth exercise

Stand up straight or lie on the floor, depending on your ability. Hold the weights in your hands, raise your hands in the air, then make a circular motion over your head. And don't forget to switch directions.

Fifth exercise

Take the push-up position, with your hands shoulder-width apart, and on your toes. Bend your elbows to the sides, and lower your body toward the floor. Also, keep a straight body line and avoid raising the hips or back.

Sixth exercise

Extend your body completely on the floor. Bring your feet together and extend them toward the ceiling. Lift them completely and then return to the first position.

Seventh exercise

Stand straight. Hold the weights in your hands and put your hands outstretched to the side of your body. 

Lift your hands and straighten them forward, parallel to the floor. Go back to step one and repeat the movement several times.


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