7 catastrophic mistakes to beware of after going to the gym

 7 catastrophic mistakes to beware of after going to the gym

Exercising improves our overall health, but many of us make mistakes post-workout that can make our physical routines less effective, and we Bright Side brings you a list of the most common mistakes.

1. passive cooling

It is preferable after going to the gym, doing some housework or playing with the children, and not staying in complete comfort, such as sitting on the sofa, watching TV, or lying on your bed for a while, while your body needs a little movement.

2. Having nothing to eat

Exercising makes muscle fibers stretch, and uses glycogen to fuel your body. Try eating a meal consisting of protein and a few carbohydrates, no more than 30 minutes after your workout; You will

 also consume the calories you will need to restore your glycogen levels and your day without feeling overwhelmed. Eat some fruits, milk or meat.

3. Forget about moisturizing properly

Although energy drinks may be fine before a workout; to enhance your performance; Experiments have shown that it tends to raise heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose; So it is best to skip it to preserve all the health benefits you gained during your workout.

4. Do not wear warm clothes

During exercise, all your efforts to increase your core body temperature. Wearing very light clothing will not make you more susceptible to a virus or colds. If you exercise to maintain your

 health and boost your immune system; wear clothes that make you feel warm; especially in winter; until you feel that your body has reached its normal temperature.

5. Skip the stretch

Stretching is part of recovery from exercise; To reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, it is necessary to stretch. This improves your flexibility; This allows you to better perform each exercise and get the most out of it.

6. Take a shower

After training, your core body temperature rises, and a cold shower aids in the healing process of your muscles; It reduces muscle soreness, and helps rebuild muscles faster; This makes you ready for

 a better workout the next day. In addition, exercise makes your skin healthier. You'll leave all these fast-replicating bacteria on your skin.

7. Try to relax 

After exercise, stress affects your ability to perform your entire routine and also makes you less likely to exercise in the following days. Spending time with family or friends or pursuing a hobby is a good way to lower your stress levels.


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