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7 amazing tips to lose weight after forty

 7 amazing tips to lose weight after forty

After the age of forty, losing weight becomes very difficult, especially for women, as the metabolism and fat burning process decreases as we age, and this is normal, but it is not the end.

If you have reached your forties and want to lose some extra pounds, here are 7 amazing tips that will help you get the desired body.

1- aerobic exercise

You have to keep exercising and sports activities, as it helps you build muscle, activate the body and strengthen bones, and improve and increase the metabolism in the body, which will raise the rate of burning calories and fat, which leads to weight loss.

2- Monitor weight and food quality

One of the most important tips that guarantee effective weight loss after forty, is to write down the weight periodically in addition to writing down the quality of the diet followed in detail and what is eaten daily, this alerts the mind to any defect and therefore it can be easily corrected.

3- walking

Adding walking to your daily routine helps you achieve your ideal weight, as being active helps you burn more calories.

4- Foods rich in omega-3

The addition of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, nuts, etc., helps in losing weight and obtaining a slim waist, as it gives a great sense of satiety and fullness.

5- Avoid sweets

One of the best ways to lose weight after 40 is not to overeat sweets, and research has also found a link between artificial sweeteners and obesity.

6- Leg exercises

Regular leg exercises will help you easily lose unwanted weight by strengthening muscles and burning more calories.

7- Green tea

Research has concluded that a daily cup of green tea can increase the body's ability to burn fat by 12%.

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